“Fear nothing and no one, for I am your Father” (Inner Word).

Again and again we find this exhortation, both in Scripture and in the Father’s message. It is as if our Father wants these words to penetrate the depths of our soul, where various fears can still hide, which want to limit our life and take away our freedom. And the reason He gives us not to be afraid is as simple as it is profound: “I am your Father”.

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The virtue of fortitude (Part IV)

In yesterday’s meditation, we had heard that, according to St John of the Cross, when one makes the decision to follow Christ more intensely, the Devil tries to prevent the decisive step by instilling fear, distracting us and tempting us in various ways. Not infrequently the obstacles can come from people who are close to us, but who have not made up their minds to follow the Lord fully, nor do they understand this path. They may even be pious people, but who do not have a deep enough relationship with the Lord to understand the mystery between God and the soul called by Him. Thus, it may happen that these people feel they have to discourage or even warn against embarking on this more intense path.

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