“Fear nothing and no one, for I am your Father” (Inner Word).

Again and again we find this exhortation, both in Scripture and in the Father’s message. It is as if our Father wants these words to penetrate the depths of our soul, where various fears can still hide, which want to limit our life and take away our freedom. And the reason He gives us not to be afraid is as simple as it is profound: “I am your Father”.

These words express everything: the caring goodness of our Father, His omnipotence that extends to all areas, the limitation and impotence of the powers of darkness, the wisdom of our Father who is able to use even our wrong directions for our good, if we ask Him to do so. Nothing is hidden from Him; everything is open to His eyes. Our Father is able to penetrate everything and incorporate it into the plan of salvation of His love.

And above all, He is our loving Father in whom we can trust without reservation. God cannot and will not act otherwise than in love and justice, and there is no shadow in Him.

Who then should we fear and why should we tremble?

Certainly, we will have to give an account of our lives, and we cannot deliberately deviate from our path, relying on a false confidence in God.

But far beyond our good will, our Father is always ready to come to our aid.