In the Message to Mother Eugenia, the Father expresses a deep desire of His:

“Let My priests go fearlessly everywhere, among all nations, to bring the flame of My fatherly love to men. Then souls will be enlightened and conquered, not only among unbelievers, but in all those sects which are not of the true Church. Yes, I want these men also, who are My children, to see this flame shining before them, to know the truth, to embrace it and to put all the Christian virtues into practice.” Read More

The virtue of fortitude (Part III)

We had reflected on the virtue of fortitude in context with the readings from the book of Maccabees; those courageous men and women of the People of Israel. I also pointed out that we need this virtue for our Christian witness in the world, which, in an extreme case, can go as far as martyrdom. We can train ourselves in the virtue of fortitude, and we should not be discouraged if we are naturally fearful. The story of the novice Blanche de la Force (narrated in Gertud von Le Fort’s novel “The Last One at the Scaffold”) can encourage these fearful souls, showing them that they too can be capable of heroic deeds. Read More