368th Meditation

To know, honour and love the Father…

By accepting the grace that Our Lord Jesus Christ offers us and by reciprocating His love, we honour the One who sent Him. We will never have sufficiently honoured the Son of God, who perfectly fulfilled the Will of His Father. Every witness we bear to Him, every proclamation, every confession and every defence of His commandments and of His Church also honours the Father, who is the Author of all.

However, it is also necessary to honour the Father Himself, by realising that everything comes from Him. It was He who sent the Son and, together with the Son, the Holy Spirit. This is what the Father himself reminds us in the Message to Mother Eugenia, underlining what Jesus also testifies to in so many words of the Gospel. Our gaze must be raised to the Father in order to give Him all the glory, as His Son also did.

In a special way, our Heavenly Father desires that this honour be rendered to him through the establishment of a Liturgical Feast of his own, celebrating him as “Father of all men”; a Feast to be established first in the Church and then in the whole world to honour him and make him known.

Thus he says in his Message to Sister Eugenie:

“What have I not done for my People, from Adam to Joseph, the foster father of Jesus, and from Joseph to the present day, so that mankind may render me the special worship that is due to me, as Father, Creator and Saviour! Yet I have not yet been given this special worship which I have so longed for and still desire.”

“If you only knew how much I desire to be known, loved and honoured by men with special worship! From all eternity and from the creation of the first man I have carried this desire within me.”

I would like to conclude this reflection on how we can honour God the Father by quoting the specific wish He expressed in this private revelation, for these “3 minutes for Abba” are also intended to serve to fulfil this His wish. I ask all who listen to me to join in this intention:

“To be known, loved and honoured with special worship, I ask for nothing extraordinary. What I wish is only this: that one day, or at least one Sunday, be consecrated to honour me in a special way under the name “FATHER OF ALL HUMANITY”. For this feast, I would like a Holy Mass and an Office of my own.”

May this wish reach the ears of those who have the power to make it come true, and may they welcome it!