367th Meditation


 To know, honour and love the Father…

We honour our Heavenly Father when we earnestly strive to tread the path of holiness. That “taste of holiness” of which I spoke yesterday is intensified when we try to fulfil the task entrusted to us in this world in a spirit of holiness.

Let us think of the apostles, of the great missionaries of the Church, as well as of those who served God and mankind in a hidden way. All Christians whose lives are a reflection of God are a message from the Heavenly Father, pointing to Himself, glorifying Him and proclaiming Him.

Therefore, it is also up to us to make God’s glory grow in the world through our lives.

It may seem to us that we are too insignificant to glorify God by our lives. But perhaps we are helped by the consideration that He is pleased to glorify Himself precisely in the little ones, who do not count for much in the eyes of the world, who are not taken into account or even despised. Our heavenly Father’s criterion is different from that of the world.

Of course, it is true that God must be publicly honoured by all men and that there will be no true peace until this happens. But at present we are far from that. It is all the more important, therefore, that at least the “holy remnant” become aware of this and that we strive day by day to grow in love and to stand firm in the truth.

Could there be a better way to honour God than by living as His children who accept His grace and grow in it; by being people who day by day become more aware of the great gift of His love and proclaim it to all those whom He Himself puts in our path or whom we are called to seek?

In short: if we make every effort to live our Christian vocation, we will greatly honour our Heavenly Father and be a cause of joy for Him.