434th Meditation

“My children, I will not speak to you about the whole greatness of My infinite love, because you have only to open the holy scriptures, to look at the crucifix, the tabernacle and the Blessed Sacrament, to realize the extent to which I have loved you!” (Message of the Father to Sister Eugenia Ravasio).

We human beings cannot yet grasp the Father’s love in all its fullness. But what we can already appreciate is enough to respond to Him with all our love and trust.

In this passage, the Father refers us to the holy Scriptures that are testimonies of His love. Sometimes a single word from the Lord is enough to make a decisive change in our lives.

St Augustine, in his “Confessions”, relates that at the decisive moment of his conversion he heard a voice like that of a child, singing and repeating many times: “Take and read, take and read”. When he followed this admonition, he was confronted with the words of Saint Paul: “For the kingdom of God is not food and drink but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” (cf. Rom 14:17). At that moment, the light of God flooded his soul. By God’s grace, he was able to leave behind the life of sin and turn sincerely to the Lord. He then recognised the love that had been seeking him.

Is it not true that the Word of God teaches us the truth, gives us consolation and guides us, so that we realise that the Father Himself is speaking to us and that we perceive His love, when we sincerely turn to the Word of God, interiorise it and keep it in our hearts, as Our Lady did? The Holy Books are the most precious reading. There are countless passages that tell us of the infinite love of our Heavenly Father.

Every day we are invited to read Sacred Scripture, and the Word of the Lord will always nourish our soul and strengthen it in faith. Thus our relationship with our Father is deepened and we understand that He invites us to meditate on the Holy Books “to realize the extent to which I have loved you”.