435th Meditation 

“My children, I will not speak to you about the whole greatness of My infinite love, because you have only to open the holy books, to look at the crucifix, the tabernacle and the Blessed Sacrament, to realize the extent to which I have loved you!” (Message of the Father to Sister Eugenia Ravasio).

The insurmountable proof of God’s love for us is the Cross of our Saviour. It shows the extent of our Father’s love, which spares neither suffering nor death to save us. We all know that the Lord bore immeasurable suffering, namely the sin of the whole world and of all time.

How can this be explained?

There is no other explanation than that of a love that far exceeds our capacity to understand. We must come to know it in order to grasp even remotely its dimensions. On the Cross we encounter this divine love in a special way, an ever-present message from our Father.

He Himself gives us an idea of His love in His message to Mother Eugenia. He tells us: “In My Son they will treat Me cruelly, notwithstanding all the good He will do for them. In My Son they will speak ill of Me, they will crucify Me to bring about My death.” Shall I stop because of this? No, My love for My children, men, is too great.”

We can meditate on all this when we contemplate the Cross, and in this way we will grasp ever more deeply the meaning of the event on Calvary. When we listen to the words with which the Father concludes this declaration of love that we have just heard, gratitude and adoration for God will naturally arise in us, because we can never find a greater love than His: “I did not give up:

“I did not stop there. Understand well that I loved you, as it were, more than My beloved Son, or rather, more than Myself”.