My divine friend (Part 3)

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What I have yet to tell you is that my Friend “sheds a ray of light divine” and tears the dark night. That is also what He did for me. His radiant light illuminated my life and led me to Jesus, our Saviour – I can never thank Him enough!

But He is not content with enlightening and leading me, a poor man, to salvation. He radiates His light into this world so that all people may recognise the Messiah whom the Heavenly Father has sent to us.

Do you see what my divine Friend is like?

He is the “Father of the poor”, of those who seek Him and wait for salvation from God; of those who do not rely on their own strength, but know that they are in need of Him. He fills these “poor” with His gifts and wants to enlighten every heart with His light.

This my divine Friend knows how to console the soul, always reminding it of God’s presence when it is in danger of forgetting Him. Thus he becomes “solace in the midst of woe”. He will never leave the soul alone, least of all when it needs Him most. Even in the hours of darkness we can trust in Him without reserve and simply call upon His Name in silence: “Come, Holy Spirit”. He penetrates to the depths of the soul and spreads His light in the darkness, so that the darkness must give way.

My divine Friend is undemanding and at the same time very demanding. That is why he rejoices and thanks us for all the good we do by following His instructions. But he is also demanding. Once we have given our “yes” to His love, He wants all our love. He urges us to love Him fully and unreservedly, and exhorts us day by day to grow in love. We will hear Him say to us, “You can love even more. Don’t stop!”

My divine Friend wants to heal and save us. He wants our souls to receive the nourishment they need to be healed from all the consequences of sin and deviations. Above all, He wants us to recognise God as our loving Father, because love is strong and whoever accepts God’s love becomes healthy.

Thus, He “heals our wounds, renews our strength; on our dryness pours His dew; washes the stains of guilt away”.

He always brings true life. He awakens that which is withered, that it may bear fruit in abundance; those wonderful fruits of the Spirit which ennoble people and make them children of God and kings in the Kingdom of love.

My divine Friend neither rests nor grows weary. He gathers into His Church those who listen to Him and instructs them in His ways. He Himself goes ahead, just as He did with the Apostles. If the Church goes astray, He urgently calls her to conversion, because sin and error are alien to that love with which He wants to adorn the Bride of Christ for the Return of her Lord.

Surely you already know who my divine Friend is!

It is the Holy Spirit, who wants to find His Church vigilant and prayerful, faithful to the faith entrusted to her. He wants to see His own as diligent labourers in the harvest of God, announcing salvation to all mankind in His strength. If He did not find them so, He would be saddened. And then it would be up to the faithful to console Him with their love.

Thus, then, I place in the hands of my beloved Friend all mankind and the Bride of Christ, and thus also all of you who have heard my story. May He lead all people to the light of truth!