355th Meditation

“I shall speak of your instructions before kings and will not be shamed” (Ps 119:46).

Do we have the courage to speak publicly about our faith, professing it as it is? Or have we already been intimidated by the increasingly anti-Christian spirit of this world, which, if possible, would like to banish Christian witness altogether? What would happen if we were brought before the civil authorities, before the “kings” of this world? Would we lose our courage?

Today it may be that, especially in Western society, which was formerly made up of Christian nations, it may seem shameful for anyone to publicly profess their faith. This may not yet be the case in African or Latin American nations.

In any case, the psalm verse we heard today encourages us to publicly confess God, thus serving God’s loving reign. Every time we bear witness to the Father’s love for us, it is not only heard by the people to whom we say it here on earth; it is also a confession before the Church triumphant and purgative.

Every testimony in favour of the Lord spreads His light and is therefore feared by the powers of darkness, because it reminds them of God’s lordship. The “kings” of this world are also reminded that there is a God who is above them and from whom they have received the power to serve human beings.

May the Lord grant us the courage not to falter when it is our turn to bear fearless witness! In this way we glorify God!