“Yet, O Lord, thou art our Father” (Is 64:8).

What deep trust is reflected in these words! We will understand them even better if we read them in their full context, as we will do in tomorrow’s daily meditation.

It is the cry of a soul that recognizes its guilt and its waywardness, but does not give up and conquers the Heart of God.

In fact, it is through our trust that we can truly conquer the heart of God. Whatever happens, whatever situation we find ourselves in, we always have access to this way and to this intimacy that is manifested in these words: “Yet, O Lord, thou art our Father”.

Can or will our Father resist this trust? No! With it, we touch the depths of His Heart, where He wants to keep us, to feed us constantly with His inexhaustible love. The more we live in this trust and intimacy, activating it in the concrete situations of our lives, the more the Lord will respond, until we acquire a close and intimate relationship of love, a great light in the midst of an “unbelieving generation” (Mt 17:17) and a dark time.

“Yet, O Lord, thou art our Father”.

We can take this phrase as a companion on our journey, not only in those moments when we confess our deviations and transgressions, as in this passage from the prophet Isaiah, but also in all our efforts to fulfill the task entrusted to us in this world.

Indeed, we often find ourselves with unfinished tasks that we do not have control over and do not feel capable of overcoming. Then we should have recourse to these beautiful words: “Yet, O Lord, thou art our Father”, and I trust that you will bring all things to completion.

This maxim will help us to deepen the naturalness of our relationship with our Father and will give us wings to cooperate confidently in the Kingdom of God.