“The deepest reason for the Incarnation of Christ was God’s desire to show us his love and to bring it emphatically close to our hearts” (St. Augustine).

When we meditate on the Incarnation of our Lord, we can find various motives that moved Him to become man. Certainly, we think of the Redemption of the human race, of the glorification of the Father, of the mission entrusted to the Son of God and which He would then transmit to His Church… All these motives are true and valuable and can inflame our hearts with gratitude and love for our Heavenly Father.

St. Augustine, inflamed with this love, certainly hits with this sentence the primary reason for the Incarnation of Christ, pointing to the love of our Father. Indeed, this is the most important thing that can change our whole outlook on life. We need to become aware of this love, because then our heart can open completely to God and we begin to see with His eyes. Then we discover God’s love in action everywhere, and we grasp it more and more deeply as we meditate on all that Jesus said and did. “He who sees me sees the Father”, Jesus said to Philip (Jn 14:9).

Seen from this perspective, the Son of God is an inexhaustible love letter from God to humanity, expressing His overflowing love for us human beings. It is the most beautiful love letter ever written. Once we have accepted Jesus into our hearts, its contents become indelible, because the Holy Spirit will make all the works of our Father shine with the most brilliant light. Thus, each word of this letter is inscribed in our hearts with letters of gold.