482nd Meditation

“Do not grieve when you feel your weakness. On the contrary, rejoice, for I am your defense and your victory” (Inner Word).

It is very important for us to know that our Father does not measure us by our weaknesses. Rather, we should be aware that His goodness accompanies us precisely in those areas where we feel weak. Of course, as we follow the Lord, we must work on our weaknesses and not just give in to them. But in His wisdom, our Father leaves us certain weaknesses so that we do not become proud and always remember that it is He who gives us the victory.

This lesson is not easy, but it is very important. On this path we come to know God’s mercy more deeply and understand how wise He is in His dealings with His children. In fact, there is nothing that separates us from God more than pride and stubbornness in it, which locks us up in ourselves. So our Father uses our weakness as a remedy against pride. This remedy will be all the more effective the more our hearts absorb this experience, bowing down in humility and awakening in gratitude.

As we rightly deal with our weaknesses and experience God’s goodness and patience toward us, our loving relationship with the Father deepens. A grateful and humbled heart is more receptive to God’s love and can bear witness to His mercy In turn, it can help other souls who are discouraged by their weaknesses and limitations. Then the gaze is focused on the gentle presence of our heavenly Father.

When we contemplate all this, we understand the meaning of today’s Inner Word and can rejoice in our weakness, because the Lord Himself has mercy on us and He is our defense and our victory.