“Truth claims its right, for without it neither my love nor my mercy can be understood” (Inner word).

When we hear the words “love” and “mercy,” our hearts open wide, for we know well that “God is love” and that we live by His mercy. However, the terms must not be distorted. In this sense, it is sometimes necessary to speak of “true love” and “true mercy” in order to emphasize that these beautiful words can also be misunderstood.

Our Father invites us to love the sinner, but to reject sin firmly. There can be no concessions here, because if we stop seeing sin as sin, or if we relativize it, we abandon the foundation of truth.

This is why it is important to call people to repentance, because if one leads a life that does not conform to God’s will, one cannot be filled with His love at the same time. Sin blocks the way. In such a case, God’s love and mercy will consist in following the person with great patience and waiting for them until they are ready to leave behind the wrong ways. But our Father will never trivialize sin by contradicting Himself and His Word.

May this clarity never be lost in our Catholic faith! It is an indispensable orientation, both for ourselves and to be able to judge with a spirit of discernment anti-Christian developments in the world and in the Church.