362nd Meditation

To know, honour and love the Father…

When the trusting relationship between the Father and us has grown, that is to say, when we have come to know Him more deeply, we will notice how God begins to make us sharers in the desires of His heart. He will make us realise that we must go with Him in search of the “lost sheep” of humanity, to lead them back to the Father’s house.

Here we encounter a deep wound of love in the Heart of God: Where are those souls who are in danger of damnation, those souls whom He created in His own image and called into existence out of His fatherly love? Where are they?

Whom can the Father send, to whom can He entrust His concern and charge him with the task of going in search of them?

The Father Himself came to us in the Person of His Son, who faithfully fulfilled His mission even unto death. And now that the grace of the Redemption wrought by Christ is offered to all people, who will continue to fulfil the task of proclaiming it to them? Who is willing to go on behalf of the Heavenly Father?

Are those who were instituted as shepherds of God’s flock fulfilling their task? Are those who are to bear witness to the Lord in the world responding with all their dedication to this mission?

What happens when bearing witness to Jesus brings suffering, persecution or defamation? Do the messengers remain faithful?

God’s love for mankind is an unquenchable fire and the Father never tires of searching for His lost sons and daughters. At the same time, He always cares for those who are willing to go in search of them on His behalf. Therefore, not only does He want us personally to accept His love, but His Heart also seeks to inflame us with His own love for all people, so that we go out with Him in search of the lost sheep.

This is what our Father is like, and this is how we must know Him.