360th Meditation

To know, honour and love the Father…

It is necessary that we perceive in our daily life God’s loving care and gentleness towards us. When we know that we are loved by a person, we notice with gratitude even the smallest and sometimes insignificant gestures of love. These speak to us about that person, so that by perceiving them, we learn to know them better. With the passage of time, we may come to understand that their details towards us are not just transitory or sporadic gestures; but that they come from the heart of that person.
It is the same in our relationship with God the Father and in our knowledge of His love. We begin to experience that all His loving details come from the centre of His heart and are the fruit of His love for us. With this realisation, the eyes of the heart and spirit are opened more and more and we are filled with wonder: the Lord has done everything out of love for us. It is as if there were nothing more important to Him than to enrapture us and fill us with His love, as if there were nothing else in the world, as if He had eyes only for us….

On this path of getting to know Him better and better, our relationship with the Heavenly Father undergoes a transformation. It becomes more intimate and natural; and yet it is always new, because God does not allow Himself to be outdone in creativity in blessing us and showing us His love. Just as He created the sumptuous and glorious variety of flowers in the fields, which are even more beautiful than Solomon’s silk (Mt 6:29), so He never tires of showing His children His love in the most diverse ways. We will discover it even in the smallest details, because God’s solicitous and loving care does not miss any occasion to let us understand His tender affection.