366th Meditation

To know, honour and love the Father…

How much we honour our Father when we gratefully admire His wisdom, not only in arranging the natural order of Creation, but even more in leading us lost men back home to His Kingdom, and in choosing the precise path for it!

Here again we discover the deep connection between knowing God and honouring Him. When we know Him better and, above all, grasp the innermost motivation of all His actions, then we will give Him all honour, for in confessing Him as our loving Father we honour Him.

How much the Lord delights in our passing on to others the truth which He has entrusted to His Church. How much the Father insists in the Message to Mother Eugenia that men still have a false image of Him; an image that does not yet sufficiently reflect His goodness. Now, if this imperfect image of God is transmitted to others, it will not be so easy to awaken in them a love for Him and a desire to honour Him.

When we internalise the truths of our holy faith and become aware of all that our Father does to draw humanity to Himself, when we contemplate all the ways that He, in His love, has devised to reach us, then we come closer and closer to the “great mystery” that is revealed here. This “great mystery” of love is the Father Himself, whom we will meet without veils in eternity, because all that still prevents us from contemplating God in His glory will have disappeared.

But already here on earth, our life can acquire a “taste of holiness” when the Father clothes us with His holiness. To live in this “taste of holiness” , taking great care that it is not spoiled by our negligence or sin, does great honour to our Father, for we will not miss any opportunity to testify to the One from whom this “taste” comes, thus giving glory to God.