364th Meditation

To know, honour and love the Father…

These three things our Heavenly Father asks of us in our relationship with Him. All three are interrelated. The more we know the Father, the more we will honour and love Him.

The honour we pay to God is kindled by the knowledge of His holiness. All authentic gestures of piety and worship to the Heavenly Father point to His holiness. He alone is worthy of adoration!

We know that if we give a creature the honour and adoration that only God deserves, we fall into the sin of idolatry, which is a rejection of God; a distortion and perversion of reality.

We honour God for His immeasurable holiness, thus joining the multitude of creatures who worship Him and live as His children in truth, because He is worthy of adoration. Whoever worships the Father in spirit and truth (Jn 4:24), thus rendering Him the honour due to Him, awakens to reality and the scales of blindness fall from their eyes. Then they begin to see.

God, as a loving Father, gladly accepts the honour we pay Him. This has nothing to do with a servile submission which, being marked by fear, carries within it the seeds of rebellion. Rather, the reverence we offer to God, and which He deserves, is a free and dignified response to the fact that we encounter the One who called everything into existence from nothing and who orders everything in His wisdom.

Who could refuse to worship and render all honour to this most holy God?