374th Meditation

Having completed the series of meditations on how to know, honour and love the Heavenly Father more deeply, it is fitting to hear from His own mouth why He asks these three things of us. In the Message of God the Father to Sister Eugenia Ravasio, it says:

“I am asking of man what he is able to give Me: his confidence, his love and his gratitude. It is not because I need My creature and his adoration that I desire to be known, honoured and loved; the only reason why I am stooping down to him is to save him and give him a share in My glory. Further, in My goodness and My love I realize that the beings I have drawn from nothing and adopted as My true children are falling in great numbers into eternal unhappiness with the devils. They are thus failing to fulfil the purpose of their creation and are losing their time and their eternity!”

So, on the one hand we have our Father’s great desire to redeem us and to share with us His glory; and, on the other hand, His concern that we may be condemned. Today, this concern for the eternal salvation or eternal damnation of souls hardly resounds in the Church’s proclamation. This is a sign of great blindness and a loss of sensitivity to the seriousness of our faith. In this way, we also end up blinded to the love and mercy of the Heavenly Father, and a strange and unreal element enters into our life of faith. If the concern for the salvation of those who live in sin and do not convert is faded or even lost, God’s mercy and His longing to save human beings have not been correctly understood.

If we would truly know, honour and love our Father, we cannot overlook His earnest concern for the eternal salvation of His children; but we are called to have a part in it, striving by our prayer and witness for those who are in danger of perdition.