505th Meditation

“It is a joy for me to speak with you. There are not many who will lend me an ear and with whom I can dialogue” (Interior Word).

Not seldom do we look for someone to talk to, someone who knows how to listen to us and who is interested in our concerns… How happy we are when we find such a person! This person can easily become our friend and confidant. This longing of ours is especially fulfilled when we turn to our Heavenly Father, who we can be sure understands us and always has time to listen to us. Then the Father becomes our friend and confidant.

And what does this look like from the Father’s point of view? In the opening words He expresses it in a very kind way: He himself wants to speak to us. It is a joy for Him when we take the time to be with Him and listen to Him.

We might ask ourselves: How is it possible that the Eternal Wisdom, who is perfect and omniscient, wants to talk to us, who are so limited, and entrust us with His concerns and desires?

Well, it is a matter of love. Our Father seeks us out to communicate His love to us and to listen to our response. In fact, He wants to confide to us the deepest intentions of His Heart and thus establish a living friendship with us. It is a joy to Him that we listen to Him and become receptive to His wisdom. How pleased He is to see His wisdom dwelling in us and bearing fruit!

Unfortunately, not many people listen to Him and pay attention to His every word. Many people do not even spend time with our Father, they are so busy with so many things that they do not even notice the most important of all: that their Father is inviting them to dialogue with Him.

He has so much to tell us! And He also wants to hear what we have to say to Him. Every exchange with Him is a joy for our Father, and it fills us with ever greater joy.