389th Meditation

“Our good God has a burning desire to grant us the great treasure of His love, but He wants us to ask Him in supplication and to act in such a way that every deed we perform is a supplication imploring that love” (St. Teresa Margaret Redi).

We must plead fervently and insistently with the Father so that His desire to grant us the great treasure of His love may be fulfilled, as the phrase of the saint we have just heard suggests.

Let us remember the insistent widow, who wanted justice to be done to her and was so persistent that the unjust judge finally gave in (Lk 18:1-8). How much more will the Father listen to the plea of His children to grow in love, which cannot but please Him! Such a request can only be inspired by the Holy Spirit and the Lord will hasten to fulfil it.

The invitation contained in this saint’s phrase, that every work we do should become a plea of love, is very beautiful. In this way, everything invokes this love: every small gesture or service we give thus becomes a powerful prayer.

If, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, we learn to restrain or even overcome our dark thoughts and to limit or set aside useless or superfluous things, our whole existence will become a cry for the great treasure of love, which is God Himself.

If we also practise the works of mercy and are attentive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, then it is not only the Father who has a burning desire to fill us with the treasure of His love, but we ourselves will already have been wounded and inflamed by this love.

This wound of love can only be healed by an even greater love, and this is what we seek day and night. Thus, the flame of the burning heart is joined to the fire of God; that fire which has kindled us and awakened our hearts to His great love.