“There will come a time when God must be honoured and loved by men as He desires” (Father’s message to Sister Eugenia Ravasio).

Could it be that this time has already come?

If we follow the statements in the Father’s Message and at the same time look at the state of faith today, we will see that these times can only be said to be partially fulfilled. Many people still do not know our Heavenly Father as He really is and therefore cannot enter into the intimate relationship of love that He offers us. This, in turn, has consequences for all mankind, for then the light of God’s love cannot spread in its fullness and permeate the lives of men.

Let us imagine for a moment what it would be like if all the people we know recognized, honored, and loved the Father as He wants them to. What unity and intimacy would grow among us, and we would begin to bear witness to all that God has done for us! How we would long to reach out to those we do not yet know and tell them about our beloved Father, inviting them to place themselves in His hands and walk in His ways!

The first Christian community is said to have been “of one heart and one soul”. The Spirit of the Lord had worked this unity to such an extent that when the pagans saw the followers of Jesus, they said with admiration, “See how they love one another!”

Our Father wants this spirit of love to live in all people, and this will happen when they truly know the Father and the One He sent into the world. As a result, they will honor and love the Father, and then God will be able to accomplish what He so desires: to fill people with the fullness of His grace.

This time will come, and it has already begun for those who wholeheartedly respond to the love of God. Our Father will never cease to call His children to live in this unity of love, so that humanity will not stray from that for which it is destined by God and will live forever in Him as the source of true joy.

With our response of love, we can help to make this time come soon.