The Source and the vessel of the fountain

Meditation on “The Father´s Message”

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I have set aside the 7th of each month for the Father’s Message through Madre Eugenia, which is recognised by the Church and which I always highly recommend (can be found here: Unfortunately I missed it last month and will make up for it later in the year.

Today’s text may shed some light on why a deeper encounter with God the Father is so essential. After all, as Catholics we are invited to get to know the Triune God, each person of God and therefore also our Father.

“It is not enough for Me to have shown you My love; I also want to open up My Heart to you, whence a refreshing spring will issue and where all men will quench their thirst. They will then experience joys they have never known until now through being so weighed down by the exaggerated fear they had of Me, their tender Father. Since the time when I promised men a Saviour, I have let this spring gush forth. I made it pass through My Son’s Heart to reach you. But My immense love for you makes Me do even more, opening My Breast from Which this water of salvation will gush for My children, and I permit them to draw freely whatever they need for time and for eternity. (…) My Son is the vessel of this fountain, that men may go and draw from His Heart, Which is always full to overflowing with the water of salvation! But you have to assure yourselves of the existence of this fountain which My Son opens up for you, so that you can convince yourselves that it is fresh and pleasing! So come to Me through My Son and, once you are close to Me, confide your desires to Me. I will show you this fountain, making Myself known to you as I really am. When you know Me, your thirst will be quenched, you will be revived, your ills will be cured, your fears will vanish. Your joy will be great and your love will feel securer than it has ever been before.”

The text of the Father’s Book describes very vividly how God opens his heart to let us receive his love through the Son. So it comes from him, because he is the source and in the heart of the Son this love gathers, “the water of salvation”, to remain in the image mentioned by the Father. We can now reach the Father’s heart through our intimate relationship with Jesus, and draw from this source. This is what God the Father offers us and wants us to live in great intimacy with him and to draw freely from his love, to move in it, to live in joy and to find security in this love. God wants to show us Himself as He really is, namely as a loving Father.

Let us look at the individual points mentioned.

We are invited to draw freely. Freedom here means without fear, in a self-evidence of love. The encounter with our Father no longer has anything strange about it, we no longer have to justify ourselves, there are not many obstacles to overcome. It is similar to what we experienced in paradise before the Fall. God wants to live in a self-evident communion with His own. We now understand this from the inside, because all fear of God has disappeared. We are sure of his love and our love has found the one who alone can fully answer it. The thirst is quenched. By drawing from this source, we are strengthened on our daily journey into eternity. When God lives more and more in our soul, it does not lose itself in sin and in the trivialities of this world, but it hears and follows the admonitions of the Holy Spirit to reach out to the Father. Through life in God, the soul becomes what it is called and created to be: a temple of the Most Holy Trinity (cf. 1 Cor 3:16; Jn 14:23).

“Ills will be cured”, they will be stripped of their senselessness by love, and they will be integrated into God’s plan of salvation. The “joy will be great”, because it is the joy in God, in everything he does and has done, it is the joy of knowing and serving him, it is the joy of living in this intimate relationship with him and becoming able to meet other people in this love. Joy is the basic mood of eternity with God. It already dwells in a soul now, when we draw from the source offered by the Father.

The way towards it is not difficult, but very simple. The Father says it himself:

“But, you will say to Me, how can we come to You? Oh, come by the path of confidence, call Me your Father, love Me in spirit and truth, and this will be enough to make this refreshing and powerful water quench your thirst.”