488th Meditation

“There must be a total transformation, a complete renewal of the human mind by the Holy Spirit” (Inner Word).

Once we feel secure in the love of our Father and, although we are aware of our limitations, weaknesses and defeats, we regain our freedom in the “ocean of His love”, it is precisely this love that wants to transform us. Indeed, we must not remain children forever, but mature into adulthood and become collaborators in the Kingdom of God.

Through the action of the Holy Spirit, the beauty and solidity of the inner spiritual life unfolds in us. Our eyes are opened more and more, and we acquire a new way of thinking that is not governed primarily by the criteria of what is useful and practical or merely reasonable. Nor does it pursue its own interests, but is a renewed thinking in the Holy Spirit.

He begins to enlighten us more and more, teaching us to see everything from God’s perspective, to see it “through His eyes,” so to speak. In fact, the Holy Spirit is the guest of our soul, crying out: “Abba, beloved Father” (Rm 8:15). With this single exclamation He has already given us a great light. The fact that we can address the Almighty with this tender name creates a profound intimacy and closeness with our Father. Thus, it is the Holy Spirit who leads us to the true knowledge of God, which is not only theological knowledge, but leads us to a new level of love for Him. This is essential!

On this basis, the Lord now wants to renew our whole mind. Only when we learn to recognize God’s loving creative hand in everything, only when our thinking is able to penetrate natural things by relating them to our Father, only when we begin to see all the circumstances of life in His light, only then will our human mind be enlightened and completely renewed.