375th Meditation

“The time is propitious, do not lose this love which is being offered to your hearts so tangibly” (Father’s message to Sr. Eugenia Ravasio).

We live in the time of grace, in the so-called “Kairos”. The door to the Heart of God is wide open thanks to His Son. It is open to all men, if they accept God’s invitation and turn to Him. But in addition to this time of grace for mankind in general, the Lord grants us again and again moments of particular grace.

With the words we heard at the beginning of this meditation, the Father addresses Himself especially to those who open themselves to the message of love that He offers to humanity through Mother Eugenia Ravasio. If we open our ears to the Father’s words, which speak directly to our hearts, we will receive the grace to encounter the Father’s love in a special way and to welcome it.

In our following of Christ, time and again there come moments when we have to take an important spiritual step in order to move forward on our journey. If we take advantage of this moment and the grace it brings with it, it may happen that we are able to realise something we may have been trying to do for many years. It is an hour of grace!

This is what our Father alludes to, giving us to understand that, with His apparition to Mother Eugenia, a special grace is offered to humanity, namely, that of accepting His paternal love, which He expresses to us in so many ways and with so much tenderness.  That is why our Father exhorts us not to miss this hour of grace. Yes: we must grasp it and take advantage of it, to awaken to the love that our Father offers us.

“If only you would listen to him today! Do not harden your hearts”, the psalmist exhorts us (Ps 95:7b-8a). Applying these words to today’s passage, we can say, “Today we want to welcome with all our hearts your offering, and open its doors wide for the love you offer us.” If this happens, the Father’s love will enlarge our heart and draw it ever more closely to His Heart.