“I would also like your superiors to allow you to spend your free time with Me, so that you can console Me and love Me for half an hour each day” (Message from God the Father to Sister Eugenia Ravasio).

These words addressed by the Father to Sister Eugenia apply to all people. The Father wants us to dedicate a time exclusively to Him, to cultivate an intimate friendship with Him.

When Sacred Scripture says that “the Lord is a jealous God” (cf. Ex 34:14), it must be understood in this way: no creature will be able to give us what our Father can give us in a single moment. Since it is God’s deepest longing to share His glory with us, to make us partakers of it, He becomes jealous when we devote our time and attention – and therefore our hearts – to fleeting things and not to Him.

On the other hand, if we turn to God as He wills, we satisfy His longing, and He will be able to embrace us with His tender love and draw us ever closer to Himself. Then we become a comfort to Him.

The “little half hour” that we set aside each day for God becomes a torrent of love that flows from the Father’s Heart and that we absorb so that we can bless others with this love.

The “little half hour” can be a profound turning point in our lives, bringing us out of all inner isolation into the presence of a loving God.

The “little half hour” will become for us an immeasurable treasure for which our soul will always thirst and which we will never want to miss again.

And what about our Father? He will use this “little half hour” to prepare us to help others to know, honour and love Him more deeply.