The heart of our Father as the source of mercy

Third day of the novena to God Father

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We as human beeings in our fallen state with our limitations in the uncertainty of our life and our fragility are in need of an ultimate foundation

This foundation is the love of our father himself.

He gives us life, light, clarity and security.

We are truly secure, because the love of God is without fluctuations and does not retire even if we ourselves have become weak and have abandoned ourselves to the inclinations that want to separate us from God.

God gives himself to mankind especially in the aspect of his mercy.

Far he opens his heart so that we may find mercy there.

God always wants to open man’s way to forgiveness and to change himself, before he shows him the consequences of his actions and makes them feel, always with the intention of help him on his way.

God does not want to punish, but spare, not revenge, but forgive. He takes pity on us and offers us his love again and again in all situations, however confused. And above all, he does so with people who seriously want to go his way and are facing their weaknesses.

In all the seriosity of the way of following Christ and the responsibility that results from it, our Lord does not want us to cramp and become scrupulous, to live in anxiety of our Father. He offers us as the basis of the relationship his love, his patience, his indulgence, the fineness of his heart.

Our Father invites us to become more and more sensitive to Him and to unfold in us the gifts of fear of God and piety which instruct us not only to avoid every offending of God, but to do everything out of love for Him.

For this path we also need his mercy, because we will always recognize the limits of our ability to love.

Our Father consoles and strengthens us to continue on the path we have begun, to rise again after defeat and not to doubt his love. What kind of love would it be to leave us if we miss the path? No, our Father wants us to come to his heart as a source of mercy and to trust him without limits. And this deep trust can be build up through the knowledge and experience of God’s mercy.

How many times we experienced this mercy: in the sacrament of sacred confession, and in all the different ways that God shows us!

It may penetrate deeply our consciousness and heart, that God is always present for us in his love, that he wants nothing else but that we get to know his love more deeply.

Sometimes it is just the experience of his mercy in a situation that is difficult for us, that makes us realize his love, that revives us, that gives us life again. So God’s mercy is not only the way for the sinners to the true life, but also for the one who is already on the way of holiness.

Gods mercy is the source and we are continually being cleansed of everything that still makes us spiritually dirty and is not yet transformed by God’s light.

It is the the mercy of God that should give us courage to walk our path again and to continue. The experience and knowledge of his mercy should enable us to be merciful to others too!