“As for the souls who live in justice and sanctifying grace, I show My happiness by living in them. I give them Myself. I transmit to them the use of My power and through My love they find a foretaste of heaven in Me, their Father and their Saviour!” (Father’s Message to Sister Eugenia Ravasio).

Isn’t it comforting to hear someone tell you that he loves you, and to know that he means it and is really capable of loving? How much more wonderful if the one who declares His love to us is God the Father Himself, who even assures us that His happiness is to be with us!

It is so… Therefore, let us not dwell on ourselves and on the limitations we perceive day by day. Rather, let us assimilate these words of our Father. He wants to communicate with us and enter into a relationship of love with us. His love must become our certainty. To dwell in us is His joy. If we live in sanctifying grace and remain in it, He can always remain in us. Thus His love lifts us up again and again and gives us the strength for all good works.

Even more: the Father makes us sharers in His own power, so that we can act in Him. Then, not only do we rely on our natural strength, which we have also received from His goodness; but, with His power, we can carry out His work on earth as our Lord did, as His beloved children and His envoys.

In a way, we can already experience in this life a prelude to Paradise, because, being at home in the love of the Father, that relationship of love and trust in Him that we lost when we lost Paradise comes back.

Indeed, not only do we suffer when we lose Paradise and, consequently, our familial relationship with God, but God Himself suffers when He is unable to give us His love as He intended, and has to go out in search of us: “Adam, where are you?” (Gen 3:9)

If we live in a state of grace, our Father has found us and can give us all His love and dwell in us. What happiness and what a joy for God!