“There is nothing that glorifies Jesus more than doing the Will of the Father” (Interior Word).

If we want to understand our Lord better, we must look into His Heart and perceive what moves Him. It is not difficult to discern, because the Lord Himself testified to it many times and made it clear with each of His words and deeds. Jesus wants to do the Father’s Will.

What more could the Son of God want? This was His food (Jn 4:34), this was His life, this was His way until His death on the cross.

Now this divine invitation is extended to us. Our whole life must be geared to glorifying our heavenly Father as His only begotten Son did. Jesus introduces us to His great love. He wants to be united with us in Him.

If we love Jesus, we want to love what He loves in a special way. And in many ways Jesus shows us what He loves.

The Lord is glorified by the Father because our Father gave everything to the Son (Lk 10:22), who fulfilled his Will to the point of death.

We too are called to share in this glorification. This is no less what Jesus wants for us. As we follow Him day after day, He will lead us deeper and deeper into the Father’s Will, so that it becomes natural for us to fulfill it. Rather than seeing it as something that is required of us from the outside, it can become as dear to us and we can internalize it as much as our Lord Himself.

Is it good food? Yes, always, even if sometimes we do not understand it. Jesus will always lead us into this mystery to praise the Will of the Father even in the hours of darkness. This is how He glorified the Father, and this is how we will be glorified in Him.