“I want to show you how I come to you through my Holy Spirit” (The Father’s Message to Sr. Eugenia Ravasio).

With the last and most beautiful of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, that of wisdom, we can inwardly taste the love that our Father has for us. Here it is not primarily a question of knowing Him through understanding or of penetrating the divine mysteries, as we considered in the gift we meditated on yesterday, but it is a question of the “dulce sapere”, the “sweet taste” of wisdom.

With this gift, our Heavenly Father gives us an inner experience of the heart, that penetrates even deeper than intellectual knowledge, inflaming the heart with His love, which grows into a powerful torrent. The soul feels raptured, irresistibly drawn to God and spiritually united to the Lord. She is consumed by this love.

The series on the gifts of the Holy Spirit has shown us how our Father establishes His throne in the soul that is in a state of grace, how He draws us to Himself and unites us with Him so that we come to a full union with His holy will.

It is above all the mystics of our Holy Church who speak to us of this path of unification of the soul with God. But all the faithful have access to this path, and our Father introduces each soul into the mysteries of His infinite love according to her particular capacity and vocation.

For our part, it is important to open ourselves with trust to the love of our Father and to respond to it. Then we will walk hand in hand with the Father on the path of truth and love. This will bear great fruit!