“I want to show you how I come to you through my Holy Spirit” (Message of the Father to Sr. Eugenia Ravasio).

In our journey of interior transformation under the influence of the Holy Spirit, God comes to our aid by abundantly blessing us with the gift of knowledge. Through this gift, the Father enables us to understand clearly that we must give Him our heart undivided and not lose it in passing things. Although our minds already know this in theory, thanks to what faith teaches us, the heart is often not completely free for God.

But our Father wants our whole heart, as He makes clear in the first commandment. He does not want us to love any creature in the same way and with the same intensity as He alone deserves to be loved. Through the precious gift of knowledge, we are to experience inwardly, without any room for doubt, that only in God can we possess fullness, and only in His love can our heart find its true home. St. Teresa of Avila expressed it with great simplicity and wisdom in this sentence: “God alone is enough!”

Thanks to the divine gift of knowledge, we learn to perceive the hierarchy of things and to orient ourselves according to it: God first, then everything else. From this principle, we will be able to see the world from God’s perspective. Once we have achieved this, creatures will no longer be an obstacle on the way to God, but can even become a bridge to know Him better.

In this way, our beloved Father, through the work of the Holy Spirit, directs our entire being towards Him.