“I therefore desire man to remember often that I am right there, where he is, that he could not live if I were not with him, living just as he is. In spite of his unbelief, I always remain close to him” (Father’s message to Sister Eugenia Ravasio).

The memory of God… How easily it fades from our minds! How quickly our thoughts become occupied with the things of this world and begin to wander! There are even people who spend a lifetime without thinking about God, and perhaps have heard little or nothing about Him.

But our Heavenly Father is not forgetful as we are. He always remembers those He has called to life. He stands by them and draws them with His love. “Can a woman forget her baby at the breast, feel no pity for the child she has borne? Even if these were to forget, I shall not forget you” (Is 49:15).

It is God’s love that gives us hope and keeps His flame alive in us.

The Lord not only has compassion on those who call upon Him in their weakness, lifting them up again and again; He also stands with those who have forgotten Him, those who do not believe in Him and even reject Him. He does not abandon them to their own fate, but remains at their side with the infinite patience of a love that never runs out. He is always ready to have mercy and to forgive, with only a small gesture of conversion on the part of the person.

We too are called to allow ourselves to be formed in this school of God’s love. In view of God’s infinite mercy towards us, we must never allow ourselves to be carried away by despair in relation to ourselves or to other people. It would be an injustice before the love of our Father. Instead of falling into despair, we must become aware of His loving presence that accompanies us always, and live in it.

As for those who do not believe, the school of God’s love will teach us not to let them fall, not to give up or neglect to pray for them. On the path of following Christ, which brings with it growth in the love that embraces all people, we also learn to stand by non-believers and to wait patiently for them.

Thanks to the work of the Holy Spirit, we will begin to adopt the way of being and acting of God Himself, who never forgets anyone.