509th Meditation

When we accept and internalise the love of our Heavenly Father, when God Himself dwells in us and His Holy Spirit transforms us, then we come to know our Father’s heart more and more. Very soon we will notice that He has an urgent desire to make His love known to all people.

But on whom can He count for this? In the Father’s Message He tells us:

“If there is something that I desire, above all now, it is simply to see more fervour on the part of the just, a smooth path for the conversion of sinners, sincere and persevering conversion…”

So, then, the fruitfulness of evangelisation depends also on our fervour. Is it not the Holy Spirit Himself who moves us to co-operate in it, so that this desire of the Father may come to fulfilment?

“[I desire] the return of the prodigal sons to their Father’s house. I am referring in particular to the Jews and to all others who are My creatures and children, such as the schismatics, the heretics, the freemasons, the poor infidels, the sacrilegious, and the various secret sects. I want this whole world to know that there is a God and a Creator. This God, Who will address their ignorance twice over, is un-known to them; they do not know that I am their Father”.

No one is excluded from the love of God, which seeks man to return home, to be snatched from perdition and to change his life through conversion.

However, messengers are needed, who courageously and yet with sensitivity proclaim the Father as He really is.

Whom can God send? You and me, so that these words of the Father may become a reality:

“Believe Me, you who are listening to Me as you read these words: if all men who are far from our Catholic Church heard people talking about this Father Who loves them, Who is their Creator and their God, about this Father Who desires to give them eternal life, then many of these men, even the most obstinate ones, would come to this Father of Whom you had spoken to them”.