428th Meditation

“I alone am the judge, for I know and see all things” (Inner Word).

These words help us to remember that in all situations of our life we are ultimately accountable to our Father.

There may be times in our lives when our actions and intentions are not understood or even misunderstood by others. Then, it can easily happen that we feel totally uncertain and perplexed, not knowing what to do or where to turn.

But let us remember that it is the Father who knows us in the depths of our being. He alone will know how to judge us justly! That is why we must never run away from Him, but pour out our sorrows and anxieties before Him, knowing that we can always turn to Him.

Our Father is not a harsh judge.

In the message to Mother Eugenia, He makes us understand again and again that He always wants to judge us with clemency and mercy, and this happens when we go to Him and speak to Him as Father. There is no need to be afraid of Him or to distance ourselves from Him with false reverence. That would sadden Him.

No! Our lives can and must be transparent before Him, like an open book in which the Father, in His infinite wisdom, can read and order all things. This will lead us to true and ultimate freedom, because we will no longer need to rely on other people to judge us.

It is important that we are totally transparent with our Father, that we open our whole being to Him – the conscious and the unconscious – and ask Him to enlighten everything in us with His Light.

In this way, the initial word will give us a deep inner peace and security, because our whole existence will be based on His love.