450th Meditation

“In My goodness and My love I realize that the beings I have drawn from nothing and adopted as My true children are falling in great numbers into eternal unhappiness with the devils” (Father’s message to Sister Eugenia Ravasio).

If we love our Father, we also share His concern and pain for souls. No one likes to talk or think about hell. But if we exclude this reality from our proclamation, as if hell did not exist or were empty, as certain false doctrines imply, then we have not properly understood the seriousness of our faith and the justice of God.

Unfortunately, human beings can condemn themselves and share the fate of the fallen angels who turned away from God. Therefore, it is an act of mercy on the part of our Father to remind us of this reality, so that people will not blindly rush to their eternal unhappiness. This is what makes our Father suffer: the fact that His children can go astray and, as He continues to say in His message to Mother Eugenia, “fail to fulfil the purpose of their creation and lose their time and their eternity”.

Undoubtedly, our Father tries to avoid this in every possible way. But since He created us with free will, human beings can abuse this freedom and turn away from the truth, turning to lies and deception. The fallen angel is also a creature of the Lord who was endowed with great knowledge of God. However, he turned away from Him and no longer wanted to serve Him, but now seeks to establish his own kingdom to be worshiped as God. He wanted to be like God, and with the same temptation he later seduced human beings (Gen 3:5).

In His message, however, the Father is not content with mentioning His pain and pointing out the fate of those who rush to eternal unhappiness. Tomorrow we will meditate on what He invites us to do in this regard.