“I Myself am coming to bring the flame of the law of love so that, by this means, the enormous layer of ice that surrounds mankind can be melted and destroyed.” (Message of God the Father to Sister Eugenia Ravasio)

When the Lord returns, will he find faith on earth (Lk 18:8)?

Realistically, we have to admit that the outlook seems bleak. When we look around us, we have to realise that faith and, consequently, man’s living relationship with God is on the verge of extinction. Sadly, there is even talk of apostasy… A desperate situation!

Nevertheless, our Father does not give up. With infinite patience He fights for each person. He responds to the numerous infidelities with ever-increasing love. Not even the huge layer of ice that surrounds the hearts of men frightens our Father. On the contrary, He wants to melt it.

He strives tirelessly to conquer us, until He finds an access to our heart, however small it may be. Having entered, He will fill this soul with His love, so that it will never forget Him again. But, unfortunately, there is no guarantee that it will then remain faithful to Him forever.

We, who want to serve our Heavenly Father, should imitate His patience and ask for His strength. We too must walk in the way of the Lord without fainting. As we grow in love, we can help to touch people’s hearts. After all, every person is created out of love and for love. If there is anything that can still touch him, it is probably only true love.

But all our efforts to grow in love and thus to help bring about a new springtime for men, so that they do not spend their lives without finding true meaning in it, must have one more motivation, which comes from these words of the Father’s Message:

“My love for My creatures is so great that I have no greater joy than that of being among them.”

These two motivations – love for mankind and love for the Father – must become a burning flame that never goes out, but spreads more and more. In this way, we will do our part so that the divine crucible can melt the layer of ice that surrounds hearts.