405th Meditation

“Without temptations, we would not perceive God’s care for us, nor would we acquire confidence in Him, nor learn the wisdom of the Spirit, nor would the love of God be consolidated in the soul” (Isaac of Syria).

What we have said in the last meditations regarding the struggle against the powers of darkness, we can also apply to the struggle against temptations, to which we are inevitably exposed during our pilgrimage through this world. These are part of the struggle entrusted to us.

Our Father uses them to form us and make us grow spiritually. Very wisely, Isaac of Syria knew how to insert temptations into the path of following Christ, considering them as a manifestation of grace.

Indeed, when, by grace, we have resisted a temptation, the praise of God resounds within us, knowing with certainty that it was the Lord who rescued us and thanking Him for it.

But even when we have succumbed to temptation and set out to seek God’s forgiveness and mercy, we see how our Father keeps His Heart wide open to reconcile us with Him. Then we become aware that He never abandons us, and we perceive His great care for us, as He removes the shadow of sin from our souls, as long as we allow Him to do so.

In the Message to Mother Eugenia, the Father describes it in these terms:

“Here is the proof of this: I am the ocean of charity. I showed you the spring which pours from My Breast to quench your thirst (…). If, because of ignorance or weakness, you yourselves happen to fall again into this state of bitterness, I shall still be an ocean of charity, ready to receive this bitter drop, transform it into charity and goodness and make you holy as I, your Father, am.”