393rd Meditation

“My God, Trinity whom I adore (…), pacify my soul; make it your heaven, your beloved abode and the place of your repose. May I never leave you alone in it, but may I be there entirely, fully awake in my faith, in adoration, surrendered without reserve to your creative action” (St. Elizabeth of the Trinity).

To complement this prayer of Sister Elizabeth, let us also listen to a similar phrase of St. Edith Stein: “God, the Most Holy Trinity is in us. If only we knew how to build within ourselves a well-sealed cell and withdraw into it as often as possible, then we would lack nothing anywhere in the world.”

These two saints allude to the mystery of God’s indwelling in us. The problem is that we have very little awareness of it; otherwise, time and again we would go within ourselves, to meet the Father there. He is always waiting for us and we can always find Him there. He will never leave us without consolation, much less in those moments when we feel totally empty and abandoned. He remains. It is only sin that blocks access to Him, and then repentance and forgiveness are needed to reopen the way.

Sister Elizabeth’s words about never leaving the Lord alone in us, but seeking Him all the time, are particularly appealing. It reminds us of those people who do not want to leave Jesus alone in the tabernacles of the churches and spend time with Him there.

Our Father loves these hours of intimacy between Him and a soul. Here He whispers to it the secret words of His love, and a single one of them can inspire it to such an extent that it becomes ready for everything.

The more we learn to enter into the “beloved abode” of the Lord in our soul, the less we will lack anything anywhere in the world.