The Anti-Christian Threat and its Defence, Part 7

The Antichrist Threat working in our church

The spirit of the Antichrist is increasingly present in the Church and exerts a strong influence.

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Now that we have looked at the question of the Antichrist from different sides, have referred to relevant passages from the Holy Scriptures, and have included literature and also the prophetic realm, the urgent question arises as to how strongly the antichristian spirit works and exerts influence in our church.

In my view, I regret to say that this spirit is increasingly present in the Church and exerts a strong influence.

He has long been at work, creating confusion in theology, morality, liturgy, the apostolic mission of the Church, ecumenism and dialogue with other religions and in many other areas. He works on the secularisation of the church, weakening its transcendent orientation, transforming the gospel into a more inner-worldly message of peace, the salt becomes stale (cf. Mt 5,13).

This brief stocktaking, which could be done much more and describes the disaster in more detail, shows that the Church is massively under the influence of Lucifer, who disguised as an angel of light (cf. 2 Cor 11,14), presents these changes to us as a progressive Christianity for today! In taking stock, it should not be overlooked that there are also hopeful signs, but these should actually be self-evident, while there is something very disconcerting about the shadow which is increasingly over the Church and the world.

The tragic and particularly disturbing thing for us Catholics is that this “other spirit” has become more effective in the hierarchy of the church and is currently setting the tone in many respects.

If all the above was already present in the previous pontificates, there was one decisive difference: the Popes, I would say, still kept the evil spirit in the bottle. Pope Francis, on the other hand, opened the cap of the bottle and the “other spirit” can now appear ever more open.

This “other spirit” has managed to do the unthinkable – most bishops, including the incumbent bishop, obviously to such an extent that a public idolatric act could take place at the centre of the universal church with the Pachamama cult, without a real outcry going through the church. Every believer, and even more so the Hierarchs, should know very well that such an act not only insults God, as the Holy Scriptures testifies countless times, but also gives the demons free space to work as long as God allows them to. Exorcists who have the courage to speak the truth would immediately confirm this.

That this was possible at all can only be explained by the fact that delusions have been effective for a long time.

This idolatrous act has now shown how far Lucifer is already exerting his influence on the present church leadership. The fallen angel could even afford to allow such a somewhat “reckless and treacherous act” to take place, and to disguise it as kindness towards indigenous guests or to cover it up with the cloak of a successful inculturation.

The crucial question as to the direction this pontificate will take arose – and not only for me – in the post-synodal apostolic letter “Amoris laetitia” in Chapter Eight with the now notorious footnote 351. Four cardinals sought dialogue with the Pope in order to draw his attention to formulations which seemed to contradict the previous path of the church and asked for clarification. Unfortunately, they were not heard and so the fate of this letter took its course.

Today, the pastoral opening to the reception of the sacraments is being spread by people who live in a second intimate union without their marriage being declared invalid. A practice of receiving Communion is emerging which, under the cloak of mercy, violates the objective truth of the Lord’s commandments, thus attacking the rights of God. (There is sufficient literature for this. I myself have also written about it in my blog: Amoris Laetitia- a difficult issue – Part I) Even if nothing has changed in theory, it has in practice. In this way the door is opened to deception and sacrileges can happen which wound the church.

Here already the “inner alarm bells” should have rung, because these regulations, which were then adapted by some bishops’ conferences and bishops, are in clear contradiction to the previous path of the Church and are in no way a special enlightenment by the Holy Spirit and a further development of the encyclical Familiaris Consortio of Pope John Paul II.

The Abu Dhabi Declaration

With the erroneous assertion that God wanted the diversity of religions, such as the diversity of races, the diversity of men and women, etc., religions which contain considerable errors are placed on the same level as the Catholic faith. The mission of the Lord is here reversed in order to serve an illusory peace.  True peace, however, is only possible in connection with the truth. With the Abu Dhabi Declaration, the true proclamation of the Gospel has been restricted, because now – if one were to adopt this declaration – there is no longer any reason to proclaim Jesus as the only Saviour. Thus a tumbling cup is handed out! The deception, which here too violates the right of God, who sent his Son to redeem mankind, is obvious.

Who could possibly be behind such an act? Can God want Islam just as much as he wants faith in his Son, which claims Jesus did not die on the cross? Is here the faithful reason already as darkened as the sense of faith?

One can ask oneself why I am carrying all this out.

The believing woman, let’s call her tía Lupita (Aunt Lupita), who regularly prays the rosary, attends Holy Mass and leads a pious life, doesn’t need to know all this. Aren’t these simply theological questions which do not touch her at all and have no influence on her life? Do I not unsettle these Catholics in their trust in the Pope and the Bishops? Isn’t all this primarily important for those who are particularly concerned with these questions?

That is how I thought, and that is why I have been reticent about these questions in my daily reflections. But with the pandemic something has changed. Things are now coming which also affect ordinary believers. For example, they were used to receiving oral communion for decades. Now they are told that because of the Corona crisis they may only receive Holy Communion in the hand. If these simple believers feel alienated, feel very uncomfortable and perhaps even dare to object, they may be told to obey, be considered rebellious or self-righteous and are influenced to have a guilty conscience. They do not know, however, that it is not they who are wrong, but those bishops and priests who disregard valid canon law, which was not repealed by the Corona crisis. This means that the faithful can decide how to receive Communion (See, for example, Instruction Redemptionis sacramentum, Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, no. 92).

There may also be other questions for tía Lupita if she learns that the vaccine for a vaccination against the corona virus contains the cellular material of embryos. With horror she turns away but then she hears from the English bishops that it is still possible to be vaccinated. Other bishops say that this is not possible under any circumstances. Whom should she believe now?

Even an Aunt Lupita must know that another force is at work in the church and that this force has reached the hierarchy. She can no longer simply trust unconditionally. She too must examine and ask the Lord for guidance, because the church no longer speaks with a clear voice.

It is not possible, for example, to simply submit to worldly authorities who themselves act against God’s commandments and spread a culture of death, even if those words come from the Holy See. That is sad, but that is how it is!

Wrong directions can lead the faithful into the arms of an Antichrist, because the appointed shepherds do not recognise him and do not warn the faithful!

Better, dear tía Lupita, we look reality in the eye than being drawn into delusion.

We can trust God, on the other hand, who always knows how to guide His own, even if the appointed shepherds have lost their vigilance and are drinking from the tumbling cup themselves. We must pray for them, but not simply follow their instructions without proof.

I’m sorry, tía Lupita, but you must know this so that you are not misled. I feel obliged to tell you this, otherwise one day the Lord might ask me why I did not warn you and other believers!

I will tell you to whom you can trust. There are still some shepherds from the hierarchy who do not keep their eyes closed. You can listen to them! Thank God for everyone.