“I Myself have placed in the hearts of men the search for Me, and I Myself am the answer” (Inner Word).

Why does man seek?

Because the Father Himself has placed this longing in his heart and, according to the unforgettable words of St. Augustine, “our heart is restless until it rests in You” (Confessions, I, 1).

In His great wisdom, God makes us feel the inner emptiness when we do not seek Him. Often man overlooks this emptiness, because there are so many distractions to evade it and cover it up. But, deep inside, he feels that he is not truly happy and that his heart is not full.

Our Father does not allow the goods and pleasures of this world to satisfy him. What a grace this unsatisfaction is for man! We can discover here God’s concern and love for His children, for indeed, how empty and without content are transitory things, when they are sought as goals!

Man seeks because God has sown in his heart a longing for Him. The creature longs for the Creator, the son for his father, the learner for the teacher, the soul for the living God (Ps 42:2).

The Lord also makes use of our imperfections, turning them into a sting to seek the perfection that can only be found in God. Sin demands the forgiveness that only God can give. Death cries out for the life that only in God can be found.

Our Father permeates everything and manifests Himself to us in a thousand ways. In all our searching, we find the same answer: “The answer is Me!”

In the beauty and joy of life we can begin to enjoy Him. For who created all these wondrous things? Our Father!

Who gave the stars their splendour? Our Father!

Who gave us eyes to see it? Our Father?

Who gave us a heart to love? Our Father!

Why did He do so? Because he loves us and wants us to seek Him more and more through creation.

Who allows misfortunes and punishment? Our Father!

Who stands in our way when we are in danger of going astray? Our Father!

Who shows us the ugliness of sin? Our Father!

Why does He do this? Because He loves us and wants us to be converted and never cease to seek Him.

You, Father, are the answer. Thank you for always being You!