“Stay with me; I love you! – Stay with me; I keep you! – Stay with me; I guide you; I am your Father” (inner word).

Once again we are invited to stay with our Father. He wants to take the reins of our life. To be under His guidance means to concretely follow His indications in daily life, to find the “golden thread” and thus to act according to His plan in the most intimate union with Him.

To be able to experience this is a great grace, because we begin to discover His wisdom and care in all things and allow ourselves to be profoundly formed by the Holy Spirit.

This guidance is often very delicate and subtle if we constantly strive to focus our inner attention on the Father and quickly return to Him after distractions. In this way we remain in Him. The more finely we carry out the Father’s will in concrete situations, the easier it will be for Him to communicate with us without having to make noise.

Even if in our earthly life we cannot attain the full unity with the Father and the docility to His Will that the angels have, by living directly in His presence; our life will be more and more enveloped by the supernatural reality and the intimate dialogue with God will become more natural to us.

This is what He wants for us!

From this abiding in the Father arises an intimate love between Him and us as the fruit of the Spirit. This love takes the lead, and then St. Augustine’s maxim is fulfilled: “Love and do what you want,” because our will is already united to the Lord.

The reflections of the last few days have invited us to stay in the Lord. This is the constant invitation of the love of our Father, who wants to fill us with Himself, to keep us and to guide us, simply because He is our Father.