“Cast once more the net of love” (Inner Word).

Indeed, our Father, through His Son, has cast the net of His love wide to draw all men to Himself. This offer remains in force as long as our Father in His goodness has chosen, until the End of Time comes, whose time only He knows (Mt 24:36).

We live in the time of grace; the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven are open to all. But within the great “kairos” inaugurated by the coming of the Saviour, there are certain times when the Holy Spirit gives new and powerful impulses. He also speaks of a “time of special grace” in connection with the “work of love” that our Father wanted to accomplish through the message to Mother Eugenia.

Perhaps we can describe the present time as a “concentration of grace”. In fact, in these times, which some believers consider to be apocalyptic, and in which darkness hangs ever more heavily over humanity, it is all the more urgent to proclaim the Gospel without cutting corners, with our gaze fixed on the Heavenly Father.

Is it not easy to understand that it is precisely in times of need and confusion that our Father calls us to proclaim His love? In recent years, with the restrictions that have suddenly interfered with the normal course of life, some people may have begun to ask deeper questions.

In this context, it is all the more understandable that our Father encourages us to cast out the net of His love once again. Especially now, when there is so much meaninglessness in life, when people are disoriented, when politics has often taken a wrong turn, when human ideologies and concepts often replace the authentic proclamation of the Gospel in the Church, it is important to face the darkness with the light of the Lord. Especially now!

It is always the Lord’s time. But His light must shine even brighter when darkness thinks it can rule over men. Then, with great trust and in the power of His Spirit, we cast out the net of love. Our Father will be pleased to see us!