Song to Saint Michael the Archangel

Download Song “Sancte Michael Archangele”

Dear friends,

Today, on the day of the holy angels, in connection also with the meditation of the day and the Balta-Lelija writing, we send you a new song. The melody comes from the traditional monastery of “Our Lady of Guadalupe” and may sound at first a little bit unfamiliar for some.The way Harpa Dei sings it opens a very beautiful perspective. From my point of view it is not just the musical setting of the well-known prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, but it tells – as I see it – the story of the expulsion of the fallen angels, which now has to happen on earth. The singing in its continuity represents this in a calm, tender and evident way. The victory is already there. It must now be actualized!
This song is part of this mission – it comes from long ago and tells us men in time what happened and is happening – the final separation of light and darkness.
I advise you to listen to this song some times, so that our soul can receive this sublime beauty and reality! It is at the service of the struggle between light and darkness, and from now on it belongs to the battle songs of the Lamb’s army.

Elijah on the feast of the Saint Archangels.