431st Meditation

Today I would like to give some references to all those who listen daily to the “3 Minutes for Abba”. First of all, I would like to recall the 4 sources on which these meditations have been based so far:

1) Sacred Scripture

2) The message of God the Father to Mother Eugenia Ravasio.

3) Sayings of saints

4) Inner words received in prayer.

Sometimes I find myself in circumstances that do not allow me to write a new reflection on God the Father. In such cases I fall back on one from the past. For the most part, these meditations are of a meditative nature, although occasionally I include certain aspects of spiritual formation. Sometimes I also make a connection with the corresponding daily meditation.

Today I would like to make a suggestion, taking up the theme of yesterday when we talked about invoking the Name of the Father. To do this, I will share with you an elementary aspect of my daily prayer life: for some time now, I have been inspired by the desire of our Heavenly Father and I have decided to use it as an ejaculatory for the heart prayer that I pray daily: “Father, I love you!” Sometimes I also add certain variations, such as: “Father and Confidant, I love you!

I repeat this prayer for a long time every morning when I pray in silence, and very often it also accompanies me in all situations throughout the day. This prayer is a great help to recollect oneself and to enter into a deeper relationship with the name of the Father and therefore with God Himself.

In fact, the Holy Spirit also wants to draw new things from the treasury of the Church (cf. Mt 13:52), although I do not want to exclude that there is already a tradition of repeating the Name of the Father in this way.

This way of honouring the Name of the Father through an ejaculatory prayer, repeated again and again as a prayer of the heart, could bear much fruit. In this context, it would be worth listening to the talk I gave on the prayer of the heart, because my proposal today is based on this form of prayer: