“You can entrust everything to me and always pour out your heart to me” (Inner Word).

What a pleasant and transcendent invitation our Father addresses to us! Not only does He listen to us, but He understands us in the depths of our being.

Surely we would like to find this understanding in a human person. But most of us have probably already had the experience that it is not so easy for this expectation to be fulfilled. No matter how good, loving, and wise that person may be, she is still subject to the limitations of human nature. Therefore, she will never be able to penetrate the deepest layers of our soul.

However, this should not depress us; rather, it should become an invitation for us to enter into and live in an intimate and trusting relationship with our Heavenly Father, which is infinitely healing for us and which He ardently desires. This is also very healthy on a psychological level, because it is not good for our soul to be weighed down by an intransparent and grayish burden that we have not yet overcome and that can end up overshadowing our thoughts and actions, even to the subconscious.

Let us accept this invitation and open ourselves to our Father to the depths of our being. Nothing is hidden from Him and He sees everything with His eyes of love.

A heart that pours itself out before the Heavenly Father will receive comfort and guidance from Him, because it will also open its shadows to Him and ask Him to pierce them with His light. Our Father will not be offended when we reveal our imperfections to Him. On the contrary, He will understand our innermost sufferings like no one else. All we have to do is turn to Him and pour out our hearts to Him. He is always there for us!