400th Meditation

“Man will not enjoy true happiness except with his Father and Creator, because his heart is made for Me alone” (Father’s message to Sr. Eugenia Ravasio).

To whom does our heart belong? “Where thy treasure is, there is thy heart also”, says the Lord (Mt 6:21).

From the words of the Heavenly Father we can deduce that every search and aspiration that does not have Him as its goal cannot bring us true joy. We have been created for God, and as long as we do not correspond to our destiny, we will continue searching and wandering in the world.

Sometimes it hurts to see how people pass by their happiness. They put their hope in material things and people, in their own illusions and dreams of happiness; and yet true joys are much closer than we can imagine. Not only are they near, but they are inscribed as an indelible message in our heart, and, deep down, the heart knows it. So, when a person begins to question his deepest identity, he can be told: “Follow the longing inscribed in the depths of your heart, and then you will find the answer”.

Although the world presents us with so many offers and substitute religions, and it may seem unnecessary to some people to continue searching for God, the longing in the depths of the heart will not be completely silenced, because the Father Himself has sown it within us.

In dealing with people who do not yet live in a conscious relationship with God, it is important to listen carefully to where their longings, desires and illusions are directed. Perhaps we can find here a “hook” to help them understand God’s fatherly love. In the Message of the Father to Sister Eugenia, it is clear that He wants to reach the hearts of people precisely through the proclamation of His paternal love, because most people will be touched by the message that the One who created them is, at the same time, their infinite loving Father. In this way, they will also respond to their deepest longing, which thirsts for God.