458th Meditation

“You saved Noah from the flood and Lot from the destruction of the corrupt city. In Abraham you blessed all peoples” (Praise of the Blessed Trinity).

Even in the midst of the growing chaos in humanity, our Father always found a just man whom He could draw to Himself in a special way, showing Him His favor and saving him from widespread corruption.

In the Message to Mother Eugenia, God the Father describes it this way:

“Evil overwhelmed men’s hearts to such an extent that I was compelled to send calamities upon the world to purify men through suffering, the destruction of their possessions, or even their death. These were the Flood, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, man’s wars against man, etc. I have always wished to remain in this world among men. So, during the Flood, I was close to Noah, the only just man then. In the other calamities, also, I always found a just man with whom I could stay and, through him, I lived among the men of that time, and it has always been thus.

The world has often been purified of its corruption because of My infinite goodness towards humanity. I continued to choose certain souls in whom I was pleased, because through them I could be happy with My creatures, men.”

In each of these just men-the only ones in the midst of a perverse generation-the Just One whom the Heavenly Father would send into the world at the end of time to save men from the “flood of sin” and bring them out of the “corrupt city” was foreshadowed. Through the Just One, the Father offered salvation to all people. He never gave up His fight for humanity!