God’s love embraces all people, whom he wants to bring to the knowledge of the truth (1 Tim 2,4). We know the way he has chosen: it is His Son Jesus, who says of Himself: “I am the Way; I am Truth and Life. No one can come to the Father except through me” (Jn 1:6).

Also those who do not yet know the faith are called to find this way. God wants to be known as He is in truth, and invites all people to seek and find Him: “Search and you will find” (Mt 7:7). This exhortation is also addressed to the members of other religions; religions that are not able to transmit to them the true and complete image of God. Indeed, they do not know enough of God’s ways and, as a result, persist in numerous errors, so that they remain in the dark in many respects. However, God wants them too to open their eyes and says to them:

“As for My children who do not follow the truth, I wish all the more to enfold them in My fatherly predilection, so that they may open their eyes to the light which now shines more clearly than ever. This is the time of graces, foreseen and awaited since the beginning of time!”

We, who follow the Lord, should make people feel this assurance of God’s love, which counts for all. It is about the fundamental attitude of caring for the salvation of people. This implies being aware that they will always lack something as long as they do not know God or have a wrong and incomplete image of our Heavenly Father.

It would not correspond to true love if we were to adopt an indifferent attitude, as if it did not matter to which religion one belongs or to which worldview one adheres. The love of which the Father speaks leads to the true knowledge of God and opens our hearts to His presence. Only then can unfold God’s plan of salvation with humanity!

Man cannot draw the truth from himself; it is revealed to him by the grace of God. We are called to cooperate in this revelation, when we ourselves walk in the light and God can also manifest Himself through us.