378th Meditation

“Anyone who attaches himself to the Lord is one spirit with Him” (1 Cor 6:17).

What a wonderful invitation to become one spirit with our Father: to think like Him, to act like Him, to allow ourselves to be entirely formed by Him and to become like Him! Mission impossible? No!

In fact, Jesus himself exhorts us to be perfect like the Father in Heaven, that is, to adopt God’s way of being and acting. In mystical theology, we speak of the “divinisation of the person”. However, this term does not suggest that our own human nature is capable of this, nor that the mere effort to attain a noble humanity would in itself divinise us.

The indispensable prerequisite for the true divinisation of human beings is to be born again of water and the Spirit (Jn 3:5), that is, holy baptism, through which we become “new creatures”, formed in the image of Christ.

If we consciously accept this infinite gift of our Father and seek to please Him in everything, if we surrender our hearts to Him, walk in His ways and allow Him to draw us to Himself, then our soul will yearn more and more to taste His presence. It clings to its Father and wants nothing else but to be with Him. It drinks from the fountain of life, feeds on the bread of the angels, detaches itself from the disordered attachments to this world and finds a merely natural life, without the link to God, more and more empty and meaningless.

Through the gifts of the Spirit, which are offered to it in superabundance, the Spirit of the Lord increasingly takes over the reins of its life and purifies the soul of that which still separates it from God. At the same time, this Spirit fills it with inner joy, for it has found its Beloved, and in Him is its home. God the Father has made His abode in it, and there He has erected the throne of His love.

Where else should it go?

It will only go where the Father sends it. It wants nothing else. It is united with Him, it has adhered to Him and has become one spirit with Him.