“Surrender yourself completely to God’s guidance!” (Inner Word)

Our Father wants to lead every life He has created to the destiny He has given it. When a person submits to Him in obedience, he fulfills the indispensable condition for learning to understand the Lord’s instructions. We will understand them more and more to the extent that we perceive the presence of the Holy Spirit in us and put into practice these words of Jesus: “But seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well” (Mt 6:33).

The more we intensify our way of following Christ, and the more our relationship of trust with the Father grows – which He so ardently desires – the more the focus of our life will change. Whereas before it was based more on our own efforts, often seeking all kinds of securities, whether material, affective or spiritual, now we increasingly detach us from ourselves and anchor ourselves in God. Our inner eyes are opened and we recognize the wisdom of God’s guidance in our lives. We rejoice and even become ecstatic at such wisdom, to the point of placing the reins of our whole life into God’s hands with great conviction.

Then we begin to walk on firm ground that previously seemed unsteady when we preferred to keep control in our own hands. We begin to overcome deep-seated fears. We are now preparing for the last hour of our life, when we have to put everything in God’s hands. A new stage begins, but one that is familiar to our souls: a deeper awakening. We must consciously place ourselves under the loving guidance of our Heavenly Father, and in this way we will realize the essentials of our existence.

And our Father? He will say to us, “Now that you have awakened, we will be able to move forward much more quickly.