“I am coming to you, My creatures, to open My paternal Breast, filled with love for you, My children” (The Father’s message to Sr. Eugenia Ravasio).

Our Father wants to show us His heart. On a human level, we know what it means when a person tells another person that his heart belongs to her. It means that he has opened it wide so that she can meet the most intimate part of his being.

It is in these terms that our Father speaks to us. He wants us to know His heart and has given us access to it. It is there that we must make our eternal abode. In this way we will be able to discover His love more and more, to live in it and to testify to it with our whole life: “I want you to be witnesses of My infinite and merciful love”.

On our journey of following Christ, we are invited – even if in this life it is still “in a mirror dimly” (1 Cor 13:12) – to know something of God and to interiorize it by reading Sacred Scripture, by receiving the holy sacraments, by participating in the life of the Church.

Our Father also wants us to experience His love from within. This encounter with His “paternal breast” belongs to the realm of mysticism, which describes the inner experience and intimate dialogue of the soul with God. Here it becomes particularly clear that the relationship with Him is first and foremost a matter of love and union in love. Only in this way can the soul’s hunger be fully satisfied, for it was created for this union with God.

Our Father makes it easy for us to enter into this inner dimension of His love for us. All we have to do is to approach Him with confidence, call Him by the name “Father” and allow Him to love us as His children. Everything else will follow!